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    Cheating Playing Marked Cards

    www.spycardstore.in Playing Cards is one of the favorite time pass activity of many youngsters but sometime they fed up of their continuous defeats in gambling so now are you Looking for some shortcut to win each game of gambling & to earn oodles of money. Now we introduce you with Cheating Playing Marked Cards used in poker game & help user to win in gamble. Special glasses or contact lens help the user to see the number & suit on the competitor's cards. These cards are safe to use no risk of getting caught. There are some marks on the back of each cheating playing cards that help you to identify the cards. These cards are based on real luminous technology & unique in their own.

    Attributes of Cheating Playing Marked Cards

    • Playing cards quality is high and clearly marked.
    • Contact lenses are used for looking the cheating cards. Luminous invisible cheating playing card is for contact lenses.
    • High quality marked cards can be seen under various light while cannot see the marks with naked eyes.
    • Marks are customized and there are 4 marks in every corner and one is in middle.
    • Marks cannot be seen by the naked eyes but high quality of marked cards can be seen in various lights.
    • Marked can be used as long as one year.
    • Big mark in the middle and small marks on four corners are available.
    • Marks can be also customized.