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    Wireless Mini Earphone Wireless Mini Earphone is the latest device in the current market & most popular for its applications like sting operation, secret communication. This device is invisible & difficult to detect once you insert the wireless mini earphone in your ear. This device is most widely used by reporters, journalists, investigators and so on. A transmitter is connected to the phone that helps you to transmit the signals to wireless earpiece without any disturbance. Wireless mini earphone in your ear receives the signals very well even with a whisper sound.

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    Attributes of Wireless Mini Earphone

    • Compatibility: The earphone, together with the inductive loop work with mobile telephones, radiotelephones, to enable two-way communication.
    • Size: 5x7x10mm
    • Shape: Anatomical Shape
    • Battery Life: 15h
    • Interference: < 2%
    • Receiver type: Magnetic / Analogue
    • Maximum volume: 110dB
    • Battery: Sony sr416sw/337
    • Package Size: 35.0 * 50.0 * 45.0 ( cm )
    • Approved: CE / FCC
    • After sales service: 1 year warranty They may also be used to play the sound using any portable sound player and mp3 player, a Dictaphone, etc